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Kindle Press Considers Sequel for Publication!

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The Story of In Search of Time

“I feel awful about keeping everyone in suspenders so long,” says the author. “When By the Time I Got to Woodstock was published on the 40th anniversary of the famed Woodstock Festival, I ended it in a cliffhanger, fully intending to follow soon with the sequel. Four years later I finished writing the manuscript, dubbing it A Brief History of the End of the World. A number of you read the whole book, some, part of it. And to those of you who had insights and suggestions, I can’t thank you enough. I learned a great deal, and incorporated many of the changes, including a title change, and I’m humbled, yet thrilled with the result!

“This story needs to be told, especially today. Too much has been trivialized about the awakening that took place in the 60s and 70s. The spiritual seeds planted in these times have blossomed into a consciousness we take mostly for granted today. We can’t afford to forget. Though most of the characters are fictional, some are historical. The stories are based on what I experienced. I hope to help some of the essential truth of the times survive.”

In Search of Time is a tapestry of two interwoven love stories that unfurls into a compelling romp through time with Thyme and  me. We reach into a distant, mysterious past, and are hurled ahead into the magical, mystical years of the 1960s and 70s. Our stories splinter in 1978 when along comes Atlantis Haden who, like Hades of myth, steals Thyme away to his underworld. The fabric of our perfect world is rent. I’m faced with the questions, What did I do to allow her to go? and Is it possible for me to fix it? and most importantly, If I can fix it, will that compel Thyme to return? The search is on, a new quest begins! And it’s not just a quest for meaning and lost love. It reaches into the heart of everything. It is a spiritual quest.

Take a Chance on a Free Book

Okay, here’s the deal. Starting Friday, October 23, and for the subsequent 30 days, you can preview In Search of Time. Just click on the cover above, and if you like what you experience, you can nominate the book to be published with Kindle Press. A book deal for digital and audio rights will be offered.

Once the book is published, there’s something in it for you too! You receive a free copy of the E-book.

Again, thanks to so many of you for your phenomenal patience and support during this grueling birthing process. I’ll do my best to make it worth your kind attention.


More about Space Larrabee: I was made manifest in a book calledBy the Time I Got to Woodstock—or Space Meets Thyme in the Shadow of Atlantis. I am Space Larrabee, and in Lunch on the Moon I share tasty delicacies I’ve found in the experiential arts. Join me every week or so and share your experiences, too!



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