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Space generously gave me the floor for this posting so I could shout out to each of you for your love and support during the Kindle Scout campaign. By now, those of you who nominated In Search of Time for publication with Kindle Press have received their little thank you note.

“No” is a word oft spoken in the publishing world, and if the author can make the word a friend, the writing life can become a little more joyful.

I’d like to say I had no expectations for the outcome of this experience, so I can surely claim that it far surpassed my expectations. Your support fills me with the inspiration to bring closure to this six year waiting game I had to put us through and have the book published anyway.

Please keep in touch. I’ll soon be adapting “Lunch on the Moon” to a newsletter to  which you can subscribe and which will continue to include Space’s insights, reviews, and perspectives on the arts, diners, life, the universe, and everything. It will also include my upcoming book events and performances in the future.

This has been one of the busiest months I’ve ever experienced! It started near the end of October when I submitted In Search of Time to Kindle Press to consider for publication. On October 23 April and I participated in a reading at the Chaska Library. On October 31 there was a reading at Dunn Bros in Chaska, MN. On November 7 I read “Taliaferro’s Tears” at the Chaska Library. On November 12 I read my submission to a Writers’ Collective anthology, soon to be released. On November 21-22 April, Heidi Skarie, and I had a booth at the Gale Woods Farms “9 Friends” Art Show. In the background of all of this, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for my fifth novel. And suddenly, here it is, Thanksgiving.

Here’s a bit more detail on this exciting time:

Chaska Library Reading, October 23, 2015


Sharon Chmielarz, Jane Kenyon Award-winning poet, was the featured guest for the evening. This was special for me, because I’d known Jane Kenyon back in her early days in New Hampshire. She’d hired me to design her first book of poetry, From Room to Room. Chmielarz read from several of her books. Her newest release, The Widow’s House, is ravishingly frank. A partial stanza that struck me deeply was:

It’s difficult, improvising

a dialogue.—The widow

doesn’t want pity, Listener,

you, too, have escaped

into a room to pretend

someone is there,

Then the mic was opened to other local poets in the audience, April and I among them. April’s, yet unpublished, was a narrative of a little boy playing with trucks on a beach. It has a surprise ending. I read a couple of poems I’d submitted to the “Carver County: Its Buildings, People, Landscapes and History” showcase. More on this shortly.

Chaska Dunn Bros Reading, October 31, 2015

These readings are usually small gatherings, but always potent. Dan O’Brien is the usual MC. Other members of the Authors’ Collective shared as well. Poets B. D. Smith and Angela Hunt frequently read, as well as authors Jim Kane, Sarah Collins, and I.

Chaska Library Reading, November 7, 2015

Twenty poets and twenty artists participated in the “Carver County: Its Buildings, People, Landscapes and History” showcase. Poets throughout the area were invited to submit up to three poems, then participating artists were welcomed to choose a poem that they could connect with and create a piece of art to illustrate it.


I selected some prose from Room with No Walls, one of my upcoming books, and reworked it into a poem. I called it “Taliaferro’s Tears,” because it depicted the last meeting of the good-hearted Fort Snelling Indian Agent from 1819 to 1840, Lawrence Taliaferro, and several Dakota chiefs before the Dakota Wars. A very talented local artist, Crystal Murillo, selected my poem and illustrated it with a stunning, heart wrenching painting of Dakota sorrowful faces. They displayed the painting onscreen as Crystal told the story of her creation, and I read the poem. It was a moving experience even for me as I read. We were awarded Best in Show: History. I’ll be featuring this in an upcoming blog post as soon as I get a good image and bio from Crystal.

Chanhassen Library Anthology Reading, November 19, 2015


Angela Hunt

Several local authors and poets who are included in an anthology of the Chanhassen Library Authors’ Collective read from their writings in the Chanhassen Library Café. Angela Hunt, Laurel Means, S. Collin Ellsworth, B. D. Smith, Heidi Skarie, and I were among them. Heidi and I captured a couple of the readers in action, which I’ll include here. Heidi included a honeymoon adventure experienced by two of the main characters in her latest novel, Star Rider. I read from “Avuncularities,” Chapter 7 in In Search of Time, which capture some of Space Larrabee’s musings about being at the pulpit.

Laurel_51k5D4y8AeL._AA160_ - Copy

The Long Journey Home by Laurel Means


Answered by S. Collin Ellsworth


Becky Liestman, Poet

CL_Smith_IMG_1014    51v1Y-TGkqL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

B. D. Smith, The Art of Confusion

  CL_Kane_IMG_1014Jim Kane_51SHVJ01vfL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Jim Kane


Heidi Skarie

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Star Rider and Red Willow’s Quest by Heidi Skarie


D. E. Munson

Gale Woods Farm “9 Friends” Art Show, November 21-22, 2015


All together, twenty-two artists and three authors displayed their wares at this annual art show in a barn. It was quaint, a little classy, and a thoroughly fun experience. The creations ranged from birdhouses to Lois Murphy’s photography, to earthy pottery, bird head ceramics, paper cuttings, metal sculpture, hats, pocketbooks, and of course—books.

Heidi Skarie and I shared space. Award-winning author, Connie Claire Szarke had her own area where she offered all of her books, featuring her latest, A Stone for Amer.  Author Laurel Means called this book’s predecessor, Delicate Armor, “. . . a moving, lovingly depicted account of growing up amidst the lakes, woods, and cornfields of middle-America.”


A Stone for Amer by Connie Claire Szarke

April’s children’s book, Old Nell and her Mock Froggie Pie outsold us all!

Gale_April_IMG_1069    Gale_Nell_51XxadDqr9L._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_

April Munson, Old Nell and Her Mock Froggie Pie outsold us all!

It was a fun day of making friends and hearing stories. Heidi offered her books, Red Willow’s Quest and Star Rider on the Razor’s Edge. She also offered a special holiday package of the two books plus a booklover’s card with a Christmas tree made of a stack of books. It was created by her daughter.


Heidi Skarie at her booth


By the Time I Got to Woodstock (2nd Edition) by D. E. Munson

My table unveiled the new second edition of By the Time I Got to Woodstock: or Space Meets Thyme in the Shadow of Atlantis (thanks to all of you who bought the first edition—they’re collector’s items now :}). I also put up a poster showing the cover on In Search of Time along with booklets announcing the last day of its appearance on Kindle Scout. Both were really well received. A special thanks to Lois for inviting us to be a part of this special event.


And thanks for the floor, Space.

That’s it for me for now. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday everyone!

Doug.   (aka D. E. Munson)