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Exciting New Jim Henson Comic Release from Chan Chau

Emmy Award-winning animator, Eisner Award-winning cartoonist, and graphic novelist Chan Chau, has a new book launching on May 8th in the second in a four-issue comic book series based on the Emmy Award-winning classic television show, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller.  You can get the Ebook from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Matthew Levine, Editor, BOOM! Studios, observes, “Chan Chau’s lovely storytelling and brilliant art come together in SIRENS #2 to tell a tale about how the world came to be.” 

Announcing the Series #2 comic, BOOM! Studios goes on to say that Chan’s story “introduces readers to the goddess Nuwa, a shapeshifting snake deity who traveled the world at its creation when the earth and trees and air were perfect and brand new. While Nuwa had the whole world at her disposal, able to scale mountains and visit oceans whenever she pleased, she found herself overtaken by loneliness. And so began the creation of animals and people, and the start of human life and love.” 

“This is both incredibly exciting and terrifying experiencing this comic dropping on May 8th, says Chan. “Thanks to my editor Cameron Chittock for holding my hand throughout the process and the Jim Henson company for being such incredible cheerleaders.”

Chan Chau

Take a sneak peak at Chan’s work by hopping to the BOOM! Studios announcement yourself. Their page can also direct you to a comic store near you where you can get the printed comic.

You can see Chan in person at comic cons across North America, and you can visit explore a really cool store to boot.

We have much adventure and excitement to look forward to, ourselves, in this powerhouse, multitalented creative whirlwind of an artist, believe me.

April Munson’s New Book!


Just in time for the holiday, but something to remember all year long.


What is the magic of the season?

When April was asked this question, she said, “This very special holiday has delighted me every year for as long as I can remember. It is a time where happiness and generosity rule. I feel it’s more important than ever to remember the true spirit of the season where we have the opportunity to honor and reflect the timeless child within each of us.”

This is the second children’s book April has written and illustrated. Her illustrations always light up my heart and the hearts of others around the world. This beautiful poem/story reflects the joy and beauty within each of us, no matter who we are or where we come from.

As it’s proven already, it’s the perfect holiday read-aloud book for your kids or grandkids—destined, especially in our household, to become a Christmas Eve read-aloud tradition.

So what is the true magic of Christmas Eve? Is it the beautiful lights and ornaments? The festive songs and carols? The anticipation of what Santa will bring down the chimney and put under the tree? The secret, the answer, is what you’ll find in this book.

For more information

April’s Web site



Erik & Chan  

Erik Munson & Chan Chau

Now double it!

You’re about to have a close encounter with Chan Chau and Erik Munson, two fast rising stars of comic art in the Twin Cities.


Arcus, their most expansive creation to date, will be unveiled at the upcoming Autoptic Festival of Independent Culture on Saturday, August 8, 10am-6pm and Sunday, August 9, 11am-6pm at ARIA, 105 n 1st Street, Minneapolis. They’ll populate Table 73. Drop what you’re doing and go see them. This is history in the making!

Both Chan and Erik are graduates of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and have a shared interest in boats, birds, clouds and petty people. Craftily, they agreed that all of these elements would combine to make a decent story. They’ve each studied and/or interned under two renowned Minneapolis comic artists, Zack Sally (Table 34) and Zander Cannon, author of the critically acclaimed graphic novel HECK.

Erik is a 6’4” comic artist and illustrator living in the Minneapolis area. He has one comic out and was published in Rock Ink Roll, and several anthologies. Erik is a musician as well. He plays drums, banjo, and guitar. He played rhythm guitar and bass for In Spite I Might, a rock band in Tucson, Arizona. Erik, in his spare time, bikes all over creation and longs to throw on his backpack and head back up to the Superior Trail. He loves any kind of good hamburger, Crescent Moon pizza, Chipotle, fried rice and sushi.

Erik says he creates morose stories that alter the familiar into the unfamiliar. This is an understatement to the enth degree. Sure it’s true, but the journey of each of his stories usher us from that familiar of which he speaks through layers of the subconscious to wrest free unsuspecting truths that leave us with headspin, depending on how deep you dare pursue it.

Chan’s work reaches its own lofty heights. It is at once quietly complex and intelligently accessible. You so want to go to there. Her repertoire, in addition to her own comics, includes a number of anthologies as well as a host of covers for My Little Pony comics. She also enjoys product and packaging design and illustration. She confesses she’s not crazy about cold Minnesota winters, despite living here her entire life.

Chan says her life revolves around comics, taking care of her friends, biking, hiking and even camping on occasion. I know for a fact she plays a mean ukulele to entertain her pure white parakeet. She loves ramen (everybody loves ramen), plus she enjoys sushi, Ze’s Diner in Eagan, and a good Flameburger now and again.


Arcus is the story of two shipmates: a disturbed captain and a bored communications officer. They pilot a flying boat over a sea of grass. To subsist, they forage through shipwrecks. But when they discover a wounded passenger in the rubble, the two must decide whether to help him or save themselves.  Ultimately, they save themselves, but how they do it is interesting.

Erik Jon

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