Get Lunch.

Imagine we’re sitting in a diner on the moon and our table is outfitted with a telescope in addition to the remote jukebox. When we point the telescope at the earth, we can manifest who or what we see in the diner with us.
This is our intent with Lunch on the Moon, to invite creative people with great stories, inspiring visual arts, and music too share what inspires and moves them, and if they wish, their favorite dining experience.
Despite all of the jokes about restaurants on the moon having no atmosphere, Lunch on the Moon has plenty. And it has since I started frequenting it. There was a time I didn’t know it existed. It never came to mind. But once it did, in an inspired flash, I was hooked. I must confess that I never existed before I came to mind either, since I am a fiction.
Aren’t we all?
I’m not going to go waxing philosophic on the nature of existence. But we are who we believe ourselves to be. And though you may not be able to see, touch, smell, or punch my physical body, you can still hear me. Eventually you’ll be able to see me in your mind’s eye. Plus you’ll be able to physically experience some of what we’ll be sharing with you.
I was made manifest in a book called By the Time I Got to Woodstock—or Space Meets Thyme in the Shadow of Atlantis. I am Space Larrabee, and from here on, I’ll be sharing tasty delicacies I’ve experienced in the experiential arts.
Now that we are launched, you’re welcome to get lunch and join me every week or so. I’ll be sharing stories of diner experiences, authors, musicians, artists, and filmmakers. In other words, creative, inspirational people I either met (thru my doppelganger D. E. Munson) or whose creations I admire. Not to mention favorite diner experiences.
I will be sharing some of my own adventures. Hopefully together we’ll be learning a bit more about life, the universe, and everything.
Sound like fun?

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